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We build a vending machine for employment, social support, and health care services. Sign up to learn about our pilot launching in August 2021.

 Vending machines for help

We make social services accessible in the public space. 24/7, at your own speed, and customized to match your individual needs.

Supported by Science

BIM is developed together with social workers and pedagogy researchers. We are committed to the ethical use of AI technologies and are regularly independently audited.

Easy to Localize

BIM supports existing social work, public health, and employment qualification initiatives. We work with local NGOs and municipalities to customize every installation.

Commited to Diversity

BIMs are available to users regardless of age, abilities, languages, nationalities, social-economic, or other factors. We are committed to inclusive societies.

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BIM is currently in closed beta. We look for NGOs and municipalities for pilot projects. 

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We are remote-first. Our team is based in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and the US.

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(+49) 30 - 93 91 09 57